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Health and Fitness

7 Things to Know about Navy's PFA Changes

Key changes begin Jan. 1, 2016

The goal of these changes is to achieve a healthier, fitter force over the short and long term with more Sailors taking the PRT resulting in fewer failures and better mission readiness.

Chief of Naval Personnel discusses reasons behind Navy's PFA changes

1. An updated Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ) to better assess the health of a Sailor.

2. BCA has changed allowing a Sailor three opportunities based on body type and age to pass the BCA. The Sailor will be able to use the current height and weight measurements, single-site abdominal circumference measurement, or meet the DoD maximum allowable fat limit.

3. A Sailor will be separated for failing two PFA's in three years.

4. Effective immediately upon CO approval, a Sailor, who has not yet been separated due to multiple PFA failures, has a transition period between now and Dec. 1, 2015 to stay in, providing they pass a mock or official PRT.

5. COs will conduct PFA spot checks. Failure may result in command FEP enrollment and diet/nutritional counseling as resources to help ensure Sailors stay or get in shape.

6. A fitness award will be issued to those Sailors who score outstanding for three consecutive PFA Cycles.

7. Health and Fitness Initiatives will be published between now and January 2016.

Check NAVADMIN 178/15 for more details about the changes.