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5 Things You Need to Know

SECNAV's new ADMIN separation policy

Traumatic Brain Injuries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as any other diagnosed mental health condition, have sometimes led to a Sailor or Marine's misconduct or even discharge.

To better protect Sailors and Marines suffering with these injuries, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has made his department the first in the military to ensure such conditions are considered before separating a service member.

Here are five things you need to know about SECNAV's new policy:

1. Previously when a service member was separated, misconduct took precedence over diagnosed mental health conditions, which impacted a veteran's ability to receive future medical benefits. Now, the medical condition will take precedence over the misconduct.

2. Effective immediately, Sailors and Marines being processed for any type of involuntary administrative separation who have a diagnosed mental health condition may be referred into the Disability Evaluation System.

3. Additionally, if a Sailor or Marine is going through an administrative process that will authorize a discharge of other than honorable; the case must be referred to the first general officer/flag officer in the chain of command for a final determination.

4. Any service member previously separated under similar circumstances may petition to have their discharge reviewed through either the discharge review board or Board for Correction of Naval Records.

5. For more information visit the Naval Discharge Review Board at:

For more on the Board for Correction of Naval Records, visit:

If you or one of your shipmates or Marines needs help, visit for more information.