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From the All Hands Magazine Archive

1954: Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio, the Navy was making leaps and bounds in carrier technology, and a young Sailor named Beecher Hyde was featured in All Hands Magazine.

Today, in a four-room radio shack in Boaz, Ala., Beecher Hyde plays country and gospel music to the local community. Beecher is a little guy with a big laugh, and a voice tailor-made for broadcasting at a 1,000 watt Alabama radio station.

We at All Hands Magazine discovered Beecher while on assignment and developed a quick affinity for the friendly vet. Beecher told us that he had been featured in All Hands when he was an active-duty commissaryman seaman in 1954; and that he hadn't seen that magazine in more than 50 years!

Having recently published an All Hands Magazine archive only weeks before we met Beecher, we felt compelled to share the issue he appeared in with him once more in hopes to make a shipmate's day, and as they say in the South, Beecher Hyde was pleased as punch. See Beecher's reaction in the video below!

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