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History and Heritage

Cover 2 Cover

Join the Navy in celebrating women's history.

Women have served in the Navy for 106 years, and just like their covers, their roles as Sailors have evolved.

In 1908, women officially began serving as nurses in the Navy. Yeomanettes were added during WWI. During WWII, Congress established the Navy's Women's Reserve Program, or WAVES.

Women were authorized to enter the regular Navy in 1948.

In the early 1960's women were assigned to non-combatant ships, and in 1993, Congress declared all ships and squadrons open to women.

After the Gulf War, Congress also passed a law allowing women to fly combat aircraft.

In 2010, the submarine service opened to female officers, and in 2012, the Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assigment Rule was eliminated, allowing women in combat.

Join the Navy in celebrating women's history, from cover to cover.