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Around The Fleet

Jumping out of Planes

Coolest Job in the Navy

Ask your average Sailor to describe their commute to work. You're likely to hear something like "Traffic, looking for a parking spot ..."

Ask Special Warfare Operator 1st Class T. J. Amdahl about his commute. All you need to see is his ear-to-ear grin. "After that first jump, I was addicted."

Amdahl enjoys a coveted spot on the elite Navy parachute demonstration team, the legendary Leapfrogs. Familiar to millions, this team can be seen at most air shows and more than a few pro sporting events - floating effortlessly into stadiums across the country, showcasing all that is cool about the Navy.

All Navy SEALS complete an accelerated three-week program designed to make them into safe and competent free-fall jumpers. The training requires candidates to complete a night descent with combat equipment from a minimum altitude of 9,500 feet.

Falling toward Earth, reaching terminal velocity (nearly 120 miles per hour) - this is arguably one of the coolest jobs in the Navy.