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History and Heritage

Boots to Roots - Sailors of the USS Constitution - Part 2

Seaman Ashley Maldonado

Navy boot camp prepared her to be a Sailor for the most modern and advanced Navy in the world. Then she got orders to the oldest warship afloat.

Seaman Ashley Maldonado is finding out all about the Navy's roots with her first assignment. She is one of a number of Sailors who come to USS Constitution directly from boot camp and comprise fifty percent of the crew.

It's not just chance to work in a museum for these Sailors. They must learn and perform the jobs of Sailors from 200 years ago. Watch the video to find out what Seaman Maldonado thinks about living the life of a 19th-century sea warrior.
Duty on board USS Constitution requires a special-duty package. For information about how you can become a member of the crew, contact your command career counselor.

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