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Wishing On A Star

16 Year Sailor Re-ignites Dream of Stardom

It was only after she read “Travel, Serve Your Country. Meet New People, Accelerate Your Life,” in the newspaper that she was inspired to join, but after 16 years of Navy-life's lessons, her self-titled song “N-A-V-Y” is paving her way to stardom.

While rising through the ranks of the Navy, Culinary Specialist First Class Patricia Miller began belting out velvety R & B notes in jazz clubs, parties and at any event that would say yes, honing her craft after each performance.

One of her songs eventually made its way into rotation on the radio in Florida.

Her popularity was rapidly growing, and her name began to be mentioned in the local music scene in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area where she was stationed.

When she was offered a record deal with a top producer who had heard about her, she rushed over to the studio to sign the contract.

However, her then-husband was not supportive of her musical aspirations because she was “spending too much time at the studio, or too much time in wardrobe and doing a lot of shows,” Miller said. Her phone rang even as she was on her way to sign that ground-breaking contract, and he gave her an ultimatum: “family or music.”

She made the heartbreaking decision to abandon her dream of becoming a star, but her passion for writing and singing never died. It remained just as strong as when she was a child and her mother would call her in from outside to a living room packed with people who had stopped by just to hear her sing.

That inspiration was renewed when she met her now-fiance, who also co-produces their music. She has since released several songs on digital platforms and has written eight manuscripts and dozens of poems, awaiting the right moment for release.

Miller combines the lessons of her personal challenges and her naval experience to come up with the thought-provoking lyrics that she pens in the form of songs, the spoken word and even books to inspire the crew and anyone who needs a boost.

“The N-A-V-Y” is specifically geared to motivate Sailors. “I started singing the National Anthem and then other songs that had to do with the 'uplifting of America' ... at all kinds of events,” said Miller.

“It's a full-out tribute to the Navy. It's almost like one of those power uplifting songs that really amps you up, and I think it's because it came from the heart.”

Doing this Navy thing for a long time
There were days I thought that I would lose my mind
16 years I'm still going strong
Who'd have thought that I would ever last this long
In this N-A-V-Y ...

Miller, eligible for promotion to Chief, is currently the leading petty officer of her department. She has big hopes of having her music played on large platforms, and dreams of appearing on “The Ellen Show.”

She hopes that her music will have a positive, healing impact on people.