Navy Ethos Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Navy Ethos replace the Sailor’s Creed?
Answer: No. The Navy Ethos complements the Sailor’s Creed, Chief Petty Officer’s Creed, community-specific creeds and the civilian oath of office, while embracing the Navy Core Values.

Question: What is an Ethos?
Answer: Ethos identifies the distinguishing character, culture, or beliefs of a group or institution. The Navy Ethos is a statement of principles that distinguishes the military and civilian personnel who serve on the Navy team.

Question: Why have a Navy Ethos?
Answer: The Navy Ethos is designed to communicate a set of beliefs appropriate and important to the more than 400,000 military and 180,000 civilian personnel who share a common bond of service in the Navy, regardless of background, personal experience, or position.

Question: How was the Navy Ethos created?
Answer: The Navy Ethos that was recently approved by CNO is the product of thousands of comments from Sailors and Navy civilians in the forms of survey responses, online blog comments, and town hall meetings.

Question: How is it envisioned the Navy Ethos will be used?
Answer: It is envisioned that the Navy Ethos will be used as a personal reference for Sailors and Navy Civilians throughout their careers. The statement of our Navy Ethos is enduring; it defines what makes us different, proud and relevant as a naval force. 

Question: Why a Navy Ethos and not a Warrior Ethos?
Answer: In the Chief of Naval Operations’ guidance for 2009, he places a significant emphasis on Navy civilians because of everything they do for the Navy. The Navy Ethos captures the entire spectrum of activities of Sailors and civilians, moving beyond the narrow focus of the Warrior Ethos and expanding it to the broader umbrella of all who serve the United States Navy regardless of background, personal experience, or position.