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Leave and Liberty now Exempt from COVID Travel Restrictions  (2 July 2020)
Effective immediately, leave and liberty outside the local area of your command is exempt from ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper approved the leave exemption for all military on June 29. The Navy's rules for implementation came in NAVADMIN 189/20 on July 2.
Assignment Incentive Pay Approved for Extensions  (1 July 2020)
The Navy has authorized Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) for Sailors extended at certain commands due to COVID-19 transfer delays.
Task Force One Navy Established to Combat Discrimination in the Navy   (30 June 2020)
The Navy stood up a special task force June 30, to address the issues of racism, sexism and other destructive biases and their impact on naval readiness.
Navy Department Awards Web Service Moved and Modernized  (25 June 2020)
Sailors now have improved access to their awards online through a modernized version of the Navy Department Awards Web Service, which is available on BUPERS Online.
Navy Expands Government Travel Card Use for PCS Moves  (24 June 2020)
Sailors are now authorized to use the Government Travel Charge Card for permanent change of station moves.
MilGears - Powered by COOL: Personalized Credentialing for Sailors  (19 June 2020)
Based on the success of the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online - known as Navy COOL - a new online tool is now available to personalize a Sailor's search for civilian credentials and certifications to enhance their career.
Blended Retirement System CY 2021 Continuation Pay Announced  (18 June 2020)
The Navy has released the calendar year 2021 Blended Retirement System continuation pay rates.
Navy Announces 2020 CAPT Joy Bright Hancock and MCPO Anna Der-Vartanian Leadership Award Recipients   (17 June 2020)
The Navy selected five outstanding Sailors winners of the Captain Joy Bright Hancock and Master Chief Anna Der-Vartanian Leadership Awards.
Navy Prioritizes PCS Moves  (12 June 2020)
Permanent Change of Station moves will soon be restarting using a conditions-based, phased approach and Navy Personnel Command is poised to ensure that high priority sea duty units remain manned and ready to preserve maritime superiority.
Navy Sets Rules for Lifting COVID-19 Travel Restrictions  (12 June 2020)
The Navy announced a phased plan for resuming official travel and transfers as well as allowing local commanders greater leeway in granting personal leave and liberty.
Momentum at Midway and the role of Navy's Bureau of Personnel in World War II  (6 June 2020)
In the six months between the attack on Pearl Harbor and the "Miracle at Midway" the nation unified and was mobilizing. Faced with all-out war, the Chief of Naval Personnel's team pulled out all the stops and accomplished the greatest naval manpower buildup in history.
Navy Announces Call for FY21 Seaman to Admiral Applications  (1 June 2020)
The annual call for applications to the 2021 Seaman to Admiral program, known as STA-21, is on the streets. This year's board will meet in mid-September.
Navy Approves Interim Retirement Ceremony Rules  (29 May 2020)
The Navy has cleared the way for Sailors to plan command-sponsored retirement ceremonies though none will be held until social distancing restrictions are relaxed.
Navy Clarifies Advancement Eligibility Due to Coronavirus Postponements  (19 May 2020)
The Navy issued clarifying guidance for enlisted advancement eligibility due to the postponement of the Spring Navy-wide advancement exam.
Navy Selection Boards Set to Restart July 1  (15 May 2020)
Selection, advancement and continuation boards are all set to restart July 1st, ensuring that Sailors across the fleet are in no way disadvantaged by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) delays to the original board dates

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