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Recruits Celebrate Buddha's Birthday at Special RTC Service  (23 May 2019)
For the first time at Recruit Training Command, Buddhist recruits had the opportunity to attend a special service in honor of Buddha's Birthday on May 12.
They all Worked on a Yellow Submarine  (21 May 2019)
The ex-USS Menhaden (SS 377) earned unique fame as the Navy's "yellow submarine" during the early 1980s.
Marines Make Virtual Training Reality for Naval Aviators  (20 May 2019)
The Occhipinti brothers were struggling through flight school but turned things around when they developed a virtual reality trainer.
Aviation Boatswain's Mates (Equipment) Recover More than Aircraft  (10 May 2019)
ABs specialize in the launch and recovery of aircraft on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, in the fueling and fuel systems of aircraft, and in aircraft handling, firefighting, and salvage and rescue operations.
Military Moms: Matriarchs of Work and Home  (10 May 2019)
USS George Washington (CVN 73) Sailors recognize the unique challenges of a Navy mother.
Unlocking Liberty The Key to the Bastille: Part I  (10 May 2019)
For 419 years, the key to the Bastille prison in Paris stood as a symbol of oppression. Now, it stands as a testament to freedom, democracy, and the continued friendship between two great revolutionary nations
Recruit Training Command Hosts Civil Air Patrol Encampment  (10 May 2019)
Recruit Training Command (RTC) hosted the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Illinois Wing Spring Encampment, with 115 cadets and 36 staff visiting the Navy's only boot camp the weekends of April 26-28 and May 3-5.
NACIC - Serving Those Who Don't  (9 May 2019)
Should a Sailor decide to abandon their duty and obligations by deserting, they'll soon find every movement, every purchase, and every step tracked by a team of investigators determined to bring them back.
NEPLO Staff Participate in Hurricane Preparedness Exercise  (9 May 2019)
Members of the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (NEPLO) Program are ready for this year's hurricane season.
The Lasting Legacy of the Subic Bay Sailors  (6 May 2019)
In 1947 Filipinos were allowed to enlist through the U.S. Navy Philippine Enlistment Program (PEP) at Naval Station Subic Bay, Philippines, until the program ended in 1992. One of the last to join through this unique program was Chief Warrant Officer Alfredo Bitor Jr.
Eye on Innovation: NNSY T&I Lab Hosts Shipyard Sharing Program  (1 May 2019)
The NNSY T&I Lab strives to break down barriers and bring technologies of the shipyard to the forefront. To do that, they've created an avenue for talented people from across the shops and codes who want to contribute and put their skills to the test.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Kicks off with Record Attendance  (1 May 2019)
NNSY kicks off SAAPM with a flag planting ceremony and moment of silence in honor of the victims and survivors of sexual assault.
Teamwork Across the Waterfront Ensures Completion of Emergent Gear Manufacture and Machine Repair  (1 May 2019)
Multiple shops came together to manufacture and deliver a feeler gear to the fleet in support of the USS Wyoming (SSBN-742).
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Spotlight: Eulysses "Elly" Roldan   (1 May 2019)
USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) Work Integration Leader Eulysses "Elly" Roldan is recognized as the May 2019 Shipyard Spotlight for Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
Shop 56 Wins 2018 Annual Safety Flag Award  (1 May 2019)
Shop 56 Wins the Norfolk Naval Shipyard 2018 Annual Safety Flag Award.

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