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New Class Teaches Engineers, Testers How to "Speak Operator" at NAS Patuxent River  (6 April 2020)
A group of scientists and engineers at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River recently had a unique opportunity to participate in an innovative, two-week training course designed to help them better understand how warfighters use the systems they develop and test.
Navy Officer Mentors Sailors by Sharing Education Journey  (6 April 2020)
As Sailors contemplate submitting applications for tuition assistance (TA) for the upcoming summer term, one Navy officer has some advice to share with anyone who will listen-"never take the TA program for granted."
Rendering Honors for My Father  (27 March 2020)
Chief Warrant Officer Michael F. Thomas, received the first U.S. flag to fly aboard Tripoli, which was donated to memorialize the passing of Thomas' father, Michael A. Thomas, and honor his prior military service during the same day that the Navy officially accepted Tripoli on Feb. 28, 2020.
Childhood Friends Serve Together Aboard Deployed Aircraft Carrier  (23 March 2020)
Two childhood friends have been deployed together aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) since Nov. 18, 2019.
Test Pilot School Passes Latest Aviation Maintenance Inspection  (18 March 2020)
The U.S. Naval Test Pilot School passed its 2020 Aviation Maintenance Inspection, a critical component of command readiness. "The results are a direct reflection on the level of professionalism we have in the hangar," said maintenance officer Lt. Andrew Fedak. "I'm really proud of the team."
Air Force Fighter Pilot Joins Navy Marine Corps Team  (18 March 2020)
Becoming a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force has been something of a family tradition. It was Ziebart's parents who inspired her from a very young age, both of whom were fighter pilots.
DG FFSC Officer: It's ok to ask for help  (11 March 2020)
"It's okay to get mental health care if you need it," said Ayala about asking for help. "Your job will still be there. If you ignore this [mental health], everything else will suffer."
Norfolk Naval Shipyard's African American Employee Resource Group's 2nd Annual Open Mic: "How Did I Make It?"  (9 March 2020)
As the last of many events celebrating African American History Month in 2020, NNSY AA-ERG held its second annual open microphone session.
Quarter Two Big Rocks: A Celebration of Efficiency  (9 March 2020)
NNSY celebrated successes at America's Shipyard with the first Big Rocks Celebration of 2020 on Feb. 26.
Powering an Island  (5 March 2020)
In the Indian Ocean, Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Far East's Public Works Department keeps the lights on, the buildings cool, and the food fresh onboard U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia. Behind the scenes is PWD's Electrician's Mate 1st Class Alexander Schultz.
Bush Safety Fair: Reducing the Risks through Engagement and Education  (3 March 2020)
NNSY, in coordination with CVN 77, held its second safety fair Feb. 20 to promote working proper practices and share information on the newest technological advances in safety equipment.
Then and Now: African American ERG's Black History Celebration Ceremony  (3 March 2020)
Norfolk Naval Shipyard's (NNSY) African American Employee Resource Group's (AA-ERG) held its 3rd annual Black History Celebration Feb. 20.
Norfolk Naval Shipyard Participates in Annual Read Across America Day March 2  (2 March 2020)
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) partnered with three elementary schools in Portsmouth, Virginia for the annual Read Across America Day March 2.
Training to Win  (2 March 2020)
Like many other military athletes, Lt. j.g. Tilman Dunbar, an engineering officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), has been playing basketball so long it's almost a way of life. He trains every day, on and off the court, for that next win. Every time he dons...
The Ship That Supplies An Island; M/V Corsica  (27 February 2020)
With all of the vessels that come and go from Diego Garcia, Corsica is the most important because she provides the primary logistical support to the people and commands working on the island.

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