Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)

CREDO Mission: To strengthen spiritual well-being and individual resilience through workshops and retreats for Department of the Navy service members, civilians, and families.

Since 1971, CREDO has offered transformational workshops, seminars and retreats specifically designed to inspire hope and strengthen spiritual well-being and enrich the lives of service members and families.

Check out the map for more information on your nearest CREDO site to request information on upcoming retreats.

Chaplain Religious Enrichment Developement Operation(CREDO) nr_eurafswa nr_ndw nr_midatlantic credo_camp_lejeune nr_southeast credo_marforres nr_southwest nr_northwest nr_hawaii nr_japan credo_okinawa credo_camp_pendleton cnic cnic

CREDO Navy Region Europe, Africa and South-West Asia

PSC 817, Box 14
FPO AE 09622
DSN: 314-626-5255

CREDO Navy Region Japan

PSC 473, Box 12
FPO AP 96349-0001
COM: 011-81-46-816-8865
DSN: 315-243-8865
FAX: 011-81-46-816-8874
FAX DSN: 315-243-8874


CREDO Marine Forces Reserve
200 Opelousas Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70114
OFFICE: 504-697-8101

Naval District Washington CREDO

Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
220 Brookley Ave., Bldg. 4
Washington, DC 20032
OFFICE: 202-404-8830/8831

CREDO Navy Region Northwest

120 South Dewey Street
Building 491, Room 116
Bremerton, WA 98314-5246
OFFICE: 360-476-3793
DSN: 439-3793
DUTY CELL: 360-914-6214
FAX: 360-476-3808

CREDO Camp Pendleton

Bldg 1344
Box 555010
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
OFFICE: 760-725-4954

CREDO Navy Region Southeast

P.O. Box 6
Birmingham Avenue
Building 751
Suite 4
Jacksonville, FL 32212-5000
OFFICE: 904-542-3923/5645/1505
DSN: 942-3923/5645/1505
FAX: 904-542-1223

CREDO Navy Region Hawaii

Box 63039
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3039
OFFICE: 808-257-1919
DSN: 315-257-1919
FAX: 808-257-1723

CREDO Camp Lejeune

PSC Box 20005
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0005
OFFICE: 910-449-8296

CREDO Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Groton

PO Box 37
Groton, CT 06349-5037
OFFICE: 860-694-1144
DSN: 694-1144
FAX: 757-445-5304

CREDO Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Norfolk

9591 Maryland Ave
Bldg X70
Norfolk, VA 23511
OFFICE: 757-444-7654

CREDO Okinawa

Unit 35028
FPO, AP 96373-5028
OFFICE: 315-645-3041

CREDO Navy Region Southwest

3200 Santo Road
San Diego, CA 92124-3343
OFFICE: 858-268-2213
DIRECT: 858-650-3100
CELL: 760-216-9838

Europe-Africa-Southwest Asia CREDOs at NSA Naples and NSA Bahrain


Mid-Atlantic CREDOs at NAVSTA Norfolk and SUBASE New London-Groton


Naval District Washington CREDO at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling


Southeast CREDO locations:


Southwest CREDOs at NAVBASE San Diego and NAS Lemoore


Hawaii CREDO at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam


Japan CREDOs at CFA Yokosuka and CFA Sasebo


Northwest CREDO at NAVSTA Everett