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Photo of USS Constitution underway in Boston Harbor

Reporting Sailors

Congratulations on receiving orders to USS CONSTITUTION!
If you are a new check-in looking for a command sponsor or additional command information, please contact:

NC1(SW/AW) Brandi Gemberling
USS CONSTITUTION Command Career Counselor / Command Sponsor Coordinator


CMDCM Ryan J. Gray
USS CONSTITUTION Command Master Chief

USS CONSTITUTION Personnel Department
Phone: 617-242-3080

USS CONSTITUTION Administration Department
Phone: 617-242-5671

Prospective Sailors

If you're active duty U.S. Navy and interested in serving aboard Old Ironsides, please see your Career Counselor and ask to review MILPERSMAN 1306-920 (Screening Requirements for Assignment to USS CONSTITUTION).

Volunteers seeking duty on board USS CONSTITUTION must be able to interact with the public with maturity and tact, and be an exceptional representative of the U.S. Navy. They must have an impeccable appearance and exceptional military bearing. Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers must be high-caliber individuals ready to serve as sharp military role models for junior crew members and strong leaders.

Applications can be sent via encrypted e-mail to: or mailed to the following address:

Attn: Command Master Chief
Building 5 - Charlestown Navy Yard
Charlestown, MA 02129

For any additional questions or information concerning USS CONSTITUTION billets, please contact USS CONSTITUTION Command Master Chief Ryan J. Gray at

U.S. Navy Reserve Annual Training

ATTENTION U.S. NAVY RESERVISTS! Interested in completing your Annual Training (AT) with Old Ironsides?

We're looking for highly motivated, hard working Sailors to work with the finest crew in the Navy!

Contact the USS CONSTITUTION Reservist Coordinator and include the following information in your AT request:

- Dates you are interested in conducting your Annual Training
- Two full length photographs in your Dress uniform with cover, standing at attention and two full length photographs in your Navy Service uniform with cover, standing at attention. One profile view picture and one front view picture. We prefer digital photographs sent via e-mail.
- Contact number and email address for your command Admin POC.

Your chain of command will need to submit comments on the following:

- Sailor's military appearance (must have impeccable military bearing and tattoos must be in line with Navy policy)
- Sailor's current body composition standards (must be within standards)
- Sailor's public speaking ability to include information on heavy accents or speech impediments
- Sailor's demeanor (a positive, energetic personality is highly favored)

These items are required prior to approval for Annual Training aboard USS Constitution. If approved, Admin will reply with the required BCN for your orders. You can learn more about Annual Training requirements/info by requesting a copy of the USS CONSTITUTION Crew Member Handbook. We look forward to working with you!

EM2(SW) Jeffrey Hammerman
USS CONSTITUTION Reservist Coordinator
Phone: 857-498-1846

ATTN: Personnel/Administration Office
Building 5 - Charlestown Navy Yard
Charlestown, MA 02129