Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga. Story Archive

NSB Kings Bay Continues to Offer Auto Services  (6 February 2015)
The Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Auto Skills Center at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay offers the tools and resources for auto-enthusiasts to work on their own vehicle.
RPs Make it Their Mission to Serve Others  (11 February 2015)
As one of the newer rates in the Navy, RPs make it their mission to serve others, whether it is during community relations projects, setting up services for different religions, or supporting chaplains. Although it may seem like a slow-paced job, it's quite the opposite.
Working Man's Best Working Friend  (11 February 2015)
Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Security Military Working Dogs, or K-9, units strive to keep service members and their families safe.
Big Changes in Works at Kings Bay Fitness Center  (19 February 2015)
Over-crowded conditions and limited equipment have been a common complaint among patrons at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Fitness Center. To resolve the issues, renovations to the fitness center began Feb. 2 and are scheduled to last until fall of this year.
Navy Nutrition Month Underway at Kings Bay  (9 March 2015)
Since 2012, the Navy has designated March as Navy Nutrition Month in conjunction with the 21st Century Sailor and Marine Initiative. This month is a time to reflect on refocusing efforts to increase awareness about food nutrition, healthy eating habits and considering better food options.
Kings Bay Fire Department Tops in Southeast Region  (9 March 2015)
The Kings Bay Fire Department was awarded Fire Department of the Year (small category) in the southeast region Feb. 15, and will continue on to compete for the Navy Fire and Emergency Service Annual Awards.
Kings Bay NMCRS Fund Drive Underway  (9 March 2015)
The Kings Bay NMCRS began its annual Active Duty Fund Drive Feb. 27 with a "Dodge for the Drive" dodgeball tournament. The tournament is just one of many scheduled events to take place as a way to raise money for the drive.
Never too Late to Save  (9 March 2015)
Although Military Saves Week at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay wrapped up Feb. 28, it is never too late to start saving money and becoming financially stable.
Kings Bay Service Members Maintain Healthy Lifestyle  (9 March 2015)
Navy Nutrition Month is in full stride, and service members from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay make it their goal to maintain healthy eating habits while incorporating exercise.
Navy Nutrition: Avoiding Fad Diets  (17 March 2015)
As a quick fix, some people turn to fad diets or a miracle pill, but is it really the smart way to go about losing weight? As part of Navy Nutrition Month, it is pertinent that service members attain the correct information about their nutrition and health lifestyle.
Kings Bay Spring Intramural Sports Season Starts  (18 March 2015)
It's time to step onto the field to play softball and flag football at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay's intramural spring sports league, beginning March 23.
Submarine Sonar Technicians Detect, Track, Classify  (18 March 2015)
Sonar technicians play a large part in the Navy. While there is much information about surface sonar technicians, submarine sonar technicians (STS) must be more discreet in the information they release.
Kings Bay Service Members Stay on Track with ShipShape  (25 March 2015)
For those who are having trouble staying consistent with a healthy diet, the ShipShape program may be just the tool needed in order to lose and maintain weight.
NSB Kings Bay to Honor Women of History  (25 March 2015)
As a way to recognize Women's History Month, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is hosting a ceremony March 31 at 10 a.m. in the SUBASE Chapel.
Kings Bay Learns Lessons in Wake of Hurricane Matthew  (12 October 2016)
In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the death toll is still uncertain. As of Oct. 11, the storm claimed more than 1,000 lives between the Caribbean islands and the United States, with still more people unaccounted for.

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