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US Naval Research Lab to Showcase Innovations at Military Invention Day  (17 May 2018)
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's novel technique to study traumatic brain injury, its seawater carbon capture technology, and the science behind laser weapons systems will be on display this Saturday at the Smithsonian's Military Invention Day.
NRL Senior Scientist receives Office of Naval Research Conrad Award  (1 June 2018)
Dr. Thomas Reinecke received the Office of Naval Research's Captain Robert Dexter Conrad Award from the Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. David J. Hahn, on May 31 at ONR headquarters.
NRL Increases UAV Endurance with Solar Soaring Technology  (14 June 2018)
Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) are developing technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that has given them the ability to fly for more than 12 hours by harvesting energy from the atmosphere and the sun.
NRL's Dr. Gerald M. Borsuk Receives 2017 Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award  (12 July 2018)
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, conferred the award of Distinguished Executive for 2017 upon Dr. Gerald M. Borsuk, Associate Director of Research for the Systems Directorate, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Borsuk received the award from the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Richard V.
NRL Expertise Helps Smithsonian Educate Nation's Brightest Teachers  (30 July 2018)
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory was invited by the Smithsonian Science Education Center to share cutting-edge research with the Smithsonian Science Education Academy for Teachers 2018 summer cohort at the National Museum of Natural History, July 11.
NRL's Sun Imaging Telescopes Fly on NASA Parker Solar Probe  (10 August 2018)
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's unique expertise in sun-viewing telescopes will be an integral part of the historic NASA Parker Solar Probe mission scheduled to launch Aug. 11 to better understand how the Sun affects our solar system.
NRL Provides 'Eyes' for NASA Solar Probe Mission  (13 August 2018)
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe (WISPR) launched at 3:31 a.m., Aug.12, from Space Launch Complex 37 aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket for the historic NASA Parker Solar Probe mission.

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