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Beat the Heat Before It Beats You  (29 July 2019)
July 31 is National Heat Stroke Prevention Day. Whether you are deployed, inport, or off duty, Sailors and the general population must be mindful of the risk of heat-related illnesses at all times.
Stop on Red, or End Up Dead!  (5 August 2019)
National Stop on Red Week 2019 is Aug. 4-10. While the focus is on the issue this week, the Naval Safety Center would like to encourage drivers to be vigilant year-round.
NAVSAFETRACEN Newest CO Looks Forward  (20 August 2019)
At a ceremony in Ely Hall Auditorium on Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia Friday, Cmdr. Cary Isaacson took command of Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN).
Data Emphasized at 2019 Summit  (20 August 2019)
Naval Safety Center hosted the 2019 Safety Summit Aug. 6-8 on Naval Station Norfolk. The purpose of the annual summit was to discuss how United States Fleet Forces Command, United States Pacific Fleet, Type Commanders, and NAVSAFECEN can further collaborative efforts.

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