USS George Washington (CVN 73) Story Archive

Sexual Health: Be Safe! Be Smart! Be Informed  (17 April 2018)
Arguably the most important asset to the Navy is its personnel. A healthy crew ensures the ship is able to carry out its mission to the best of its ability. The health of the crew encompasses not only physical and mental health, but sexual health as well.
Sustaining Excellence: George Washington Earns Fifth Consecutive Blue 'M'  (17 April 2018)
In an announcement from CNAL March 27, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) was one of four east coast carriers to earn the medical Blue "M" award.
Sailors Attend Mustang Officer Panel  (2 May 2018)
Sailors aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) attended a Mustang Officer panel at Huntington Hall, April 18.
Remembering Barbara Bush: Fair Winds and Following Seas   (2 May 2018)
Commissioning a ship entails many traditions and customs, one of which is choosing the ship's sponsor. The sponsor is a female chosen by the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), whom is usually chosen due to her affiliation with the ship.
GW MWR Hits a Homerun with Tides Day  (2 May 2018)
George Washington's Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) team hosted 'GW Tides Day' at Harbor Park in Norfolk, April 25. Sailors took the day off to attend the Norfolk Tides and Lehigh Valley Ironpigs baseball game.
Department in the Spotlight: S-11: CPO Mess  (2 May 2018)
U.S. Navy Sailors are trained to be "always ready." It's a motto we learn from the very first days in training. This is especially true in Supply department's S-11 division
John Paul Jones: The Man Of Wars  (9 May 2018)
The United States Navy has a long and proud history of brave men and women that have served aboard its ships. Very few however are quite as renowned as the great John Paul Jones.
Remembering the Holocaust  (9 May 2018)
It's been 73 years since the Axis powers surrendered to the western Allies, ending World War II. While many look fondly on that hard-won victory, it is important that we never forget those events that are forever etched in our history.
From the Field to the Shop: Building Camaraderie, Leadership through Soccer  (9 May 2018)
Team sports are something that many people participated in since a young age. Sports can bring people out of their comfort zone, form new friendships and develop leadership skills.
Forecasted for Greatness  (12 June 2018)
When a ship is at sea, aerographer's mates (AG) are a vital part of day-to-day operations. AGs are responsible for collecting and analyzing oceanographic and meteorological information so that the ship may safely complete its mission.
The Battle of Midway: Commands Assemble to Remember the Iconic Battle  (13 June 2018)
There are certain moments that define a nation and shape its future generations. For the United States, one of these moments took place during an iconic battle for control of a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 76 years ago.
GW Sailors Reflect on Father's Day   (13 June 2018)
A father plays many different roles in their children's lives. Fathers can be teachers, mentors, role models, and for some, even best friends. The impact a father makes on their children is something that one Sailor says is irreplaceable.
USS George Washington Observes LGBT Pride Month  (18 June 2018)
One of the founding ideologies of our nation speaks on equality.

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