Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms Story Archive

Navy Surgeon General Offers Encouragement  (28 June 2019)
Navy Surgeon General says embrace change because it brings opportunities.
Clinic Personnel Recount Ridgecrest Earthquake  (15 July 2019)
We take a lot of things for granted, like the ground under our feet. When everything is shaking and the very building that a moment before offered shelter and protection is swaying, our sense of security vanishes.
New Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms XO Marks Career of Distinction and Dedication  (9 August 2019)
NHTP XO rose through ranks to achieve success
New Commanding Officer Returns to First Duty Assignment  (27 August 2019)
New NHTP Commanding Officer Returns to First Duty Assignment
Corpsmen Best Marines in Rugged 24-Hour Race  (4 November 2019)
Navy Corpsmen best United States Marines in rugged 24-hour race.
Teleaudiology Saves Time and Money  (9 March 2020)
Teleaudiology provides clear cost savings for DoD and provides great convenience for patients.

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