NSWC Dahlgren Story Archive

Navy Innovators Reveal Revolutionary Research to Counter Emerging Threats   (15 October 2018)
Navy inventors expect that their revolutionary research in quantum physics, cyber security, artificial intelligence and machine learning will counter emerging threats.
Navy Celebrates Centennial of Dahlgren Base at Grand Finale - Ceremony Culminates 12 Months of Centennial Activities   (24 October 2018)
The Navy celebrated a centennial of technological innovation that revolutionized surface warfare at a grand finale ceremony. Since 1918, Dahlgren military and civilians researched and developed innovative solutions for warfighters to fight, win, and come home safely.
Navy Leaders, Local Officials Dedicate New SLBM Facility - State of the Art Capabilities for Current and Future Missile Systems  (6 November 2018)
Navy SLBM experts are moving into a new, state-of-the-art facility to support and innovate technologies for our current and future Fleet, including the Columbia-class nuclear submarines that will rehost the Trident II D5(LE) missile system.

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