Navy Recruiting District Nashville Story Archive

Keeping The Flame Alive: The Commissioning Of An Enlisted Sailor  (14 October 2016)
It all started at a ceremony in Okinawa, Japan, in 2008. At the time, William "Jon" Dean was an E-3 with a degree in business administration and little clue how to become an officer.
Steering the Ship, Next Generation Of Sailors  (26 October 2016)
She has steered an aircraft carrier, guided hovercraft into an amphibious dock, and trained countless Sailors fresh out of boot camp on everything from anchoring at sea to chipping paint.
First Class in the Navy, Captain on the Field: A Story of Recruiting and Community  (15 December 2016)
The Parthenon towered before the eyes of the Sailor. He was on liberty after sailing with his squadron aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). Now looking back, he calls it one of the best moments in his naval career.
Sweet Home Alabama: Navy Recruiters, Native Sons  (27 February 2017)
With the Navy, he has travelled around the world from Australia to Africa, but nothing could replace the feeling of home.
Onboard Ship Simulator Enhances a US Navy Cruiser's Training Program  (18 December 2017)
Three screens and a helm occupy the corner of an office on the main deck of USS San Jacinto (CG 56). But to the crew and officers assigned to this Ticonderoga-class cruiser, it may as well be the bridge of a storm-tossed ship at sea.
Navy Recruiting District Nashville Holds Change of Command  (18 December 2017)
Navy Recruiting District Nashville held a change of command ceremony at River Oaks Community Church, December 14. During the ceremony, Cmdr. Tonrey Ford relieved Cmdr. Todd Sullivan as commanding officer.

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