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Navy Medicine West Nurse Receives Leadership Excellence Award  (10 December 2019)
Cmdr. Tim Whiting, public health nurse and global health engagement manager at Navy Medicine West (NMW), was recognized for his nursing leadership excellence at the 2019 Association of Military Surgeons of the Unites States (AMSUS) meeting, Dec. 5.
Navy Medicine West Names Region's 2019 Senior Sailors of the Year  (13 December 2019)
Navy Medicine West (NMW) named the region's 2019 Senior Sailors of the Year during a ceremony, Dec. 5.
Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy Surgeon General Visits Navy Medicine West  (17 December 2019)
Capt. Jung Tae Park, Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy surgeon general visited Navy Medicine West (NMW) headquarters, Dec. 11, and met with Mark Boman, chief of staff, to discuss mutual medical interests.
Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Wins Award for High Reliability Transformation  (19 December 2019)
For the second year in a row, a continuous process improvement (CPI) initiative from Naval Health Clinic Hawaii (NHCH) was awarded first place in a regional essay competition, Navy Medicine West (NMW) announced today.
Diversity Enhances Esprit de Corps and Command Effectiveness   (19 February 2020)
Diversity is more than a goal. It is a reflection of who we are and an acknowledgement of how we got here. As the U.S. military continues to grow more diverse, a more diverse leadership leads to greater unit cohesion.
Don't Let COVID-19 Keep You From the Emergency Department  (17 April 2020)
Got a medical emergency? Then you should go to the emergency room, even during a pandemic. That's what the Director of Emergency Medical Services for Naval Medical Forces Pacific (NMFP), Capt. Ben Walrath, wants people to know.

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