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  • At each entrance to Fort Detrick, the electronic bulletin marquee greets those who enter with congratulations to Naval Medical Logistics Command for winning the 2012 Rear Admiral Lewis E. Angelo Professional Symposium (LEAPS) Award.  120329-N-VL857-015
  • Based at Fort Detrick, Md., Naval Medical Logistics Command personnel learned fascinating facts about Women's History while fostering camaraderie among the workforce. Naval Medical Logistics Command designs, executes and administers individualized state-of-the-art solutions to meet customer's medical materiel and healthcare needs.  120326-N-VL857-010
  • Capt. Mary S. Seymour, Naval Medical Logistics Command's Commanding Officer shared a few personal antidotes of the plight of one special woman in her life; her mother. "My mother understood the value of an education. I didn't get special concessions growing up because I was a girl - my parents were blue-collar and both worked. No job was beneath them. I didn't get to make excuses because something was too hard - my mom would tell me to try harder. Being lower middle class to living below the poverty line was also not an excuse," she said.  140325-N-VL857-003
  • NMLC salutes past and present chief petty officers. Pictured from left to right are: SKCS(Ret) Noel Bondoc, DTC(Ret) Efrain Rosario, HMC(Ret) Carlo DeCastro, HMC(Ret) Michael Schomer, HMC(Ret)Melinda Scruggs, HMC(Ret) George Potak, HMC John McGilvery, HMC Amanda Doolittle, HMC(Ret) Michael Burns, YNC Christopher Howk, HMC(Ret)Darwin Pitts, HMC(Ret) Steve Burroughs, HMC Vilma Bauer, HMC(Ret) Clifford Dunlap, HMC Steve Ito, HMC Ezra Johnson, LT Shawn Dean. Not pictured: DTC(Ret) Michael Fortier, HMCS(Ret) Michael Correll, HMCS(Ret) Edlouie Ortega, HMCM David Hall, HMC Melanie Drew.  140401-N-VL857-001
  • Naval Medical Logistics Command personnel adopted a strategic focus in engaging its customers on social media and in other innovative ways in early 2014. Through All-Hands participation, many members of the command participate in various activities that engage NMLC customers and internal audience members more actively than in the past.  140512-N-VL857-001
  • ICSN Matthew Pitkin of Naval District Washington Casualty and Funeral Honors assist LS2(SW) Michael Kick and HM2(SW) RaShawn T. Lynch fold the perfect corners on the American flag for presentation to family members during funeral ceremonies. NMLC personnel received hands-on training to facilitate in perfecting their skill and form.  140313-N-VL857-001
  • Larry Marinelli Funeral Honors Specialist, NDW Casualty and Funeral Honors, instructs NMLC personnel on the proper procedures in folding the American flag during military funeral training. "Funeral honors movements and sequence of events are standardized to maintain the dignity of the service and it is highly recommended that commands practice as often as possible to maintain their precision," Marinelli said.  140313-N-VL857-003
  • HMSN Tyler Cunningham of Naval District Washington Casualty and Funeral Honors shows Lt. Shawn Dean how to properly align the American flag during military funeral honors training. Holding the strips area of the flag is HM1(SW) Tamba Sebba.  140313-N-VL857-002


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