Navy Warfare Development Command

Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC)

MISSION: Develop and integrate innovative solutions to complex naval warfare challenges to enhance current and future warfighting capabilities.

VISION: To be the recognized leader in operational-level concept generation, warfighting development, and cross-domain integration to strengthen U.S. Navy warfighting power.

CORE THEMES: Warfighting Development, Operational-Level Concept Generation, and Cross-Domain Integration.

HISTORY: NWDC is an innovation-focused organization whose mission and vision supports warfighting readiness now and for the future.

Products and Services

Concepts- Identifies future capabilities based on challenges and opportunities.

CONOPS- Bridges Concepts to future Doctrine/Tactics Techniques Procedures.

Experimentation- Explores the effects of proposed warfighting capabilities.

Navy Doctrine- Provides fundamental principles guiding military forces.

Lessons Learned- Improves readiness by sharing Fleet observations and experience.

War Gaming- Explores decision making possibilities and captures human insights.

Modeling & Simulation- Logical representation of systems, environments, and models over time to develop Courses of Action.