Navy Office of Legislative Affairs


The Chief of Legislative Affairs (CLA) is the Secretary of the Navy's principal staff assistant for discharging the legislative functions and responsibilities of the Department of the Navy (DoN), with the exception of liaison with the Appropriations Committees, which is, by law, vested with the Comptroller of the Navy.

CLA directs the Office of Legislative Affairs and reports directly to the Secretary and to Chief of Naval Operations.

The mission of the Office of Legislative Affairs is to:

  1. Plan, develop, and coordinate relationships between representatives of the DoN and Members of the United States Congress and their Committee staffs, which are necessary in the transaction of official Government business (except appropriations matters) affecting the DoN.
  2. Furnish staff support, advice, and assistance to the Secretary, his civilian executive assistants, and all other principal officials of the Department concerning congressional aspects of DoN policies, plans, and programs (except appropriations matters).
  3. Provide all information, assistance, and staff support required by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) for the proper performance of their duties and responsibilities, which include:

Assistance in preparing and coordinating testimony, briefings, posture statements, policy statements, information papers, and other matters relating to the provision of information to the Congress.

Assistance in preparing and coordinating legislative proposals, reports, and comments on legislative bills and resolutions, executive orders, and responses to congressional correspondence, and other matters which involve the expression of DoN policy on items of congressional interest.

Supporting and hosting congressional visits and travel.

Navy OLA Office of Legislative Affairs responsibilities mission statement