Trident Refit Facility, Kings Bay

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Command Overview 

TRIDENT Refit Facility (TRIREFFAC), Kings Bay, GA, provides quality maintenance, repair and moderniza­tion, sustaining a superior global submarine force.

TRIREFFAC comprises an industrial area, waterfront support complex, defense ordnance support and a magnetic silencing facility. The industrial area consists of adminis­tration offices, industrial workshops, supply warehouses, command and control systems repair shops, a non-metallic shop, a paint-and-blast facility, and a hazardous materials storage site. The defense ordnance support facility main­tains and stores torpedoes carried by TRIDENT and guided-missile submarines. The waterfront area consists of three refit wharves and berthing support buildings, the largest covered drydock in the western hemisphere, and support services associated with waterfront refit operations. The magnetic silencing facility can range and demagnetize sub­marines using a high-tech “drive-in” procedure, saving time and reducing costs for an essential submarine evolution.    


TRIREFFAC employees (military and civilian) are ac­tive members in the South Georgia and North Florida com­munities where they live, and volunteer regularly to support area community service projects such as Habitat-for-Hu­manity, Adopt-a-School, Adopt-a-Highway, at science fairs, at area VA hospitals, with Boy Scout and Girl Scout units, in food and blood drives, and participate with numerous youth programs.


TRIREFFAC currently employs almost 1,700 people with an annual payroll of approximately $94 mil­lion, including permanent government civilians, apprentic­es, military officers and enlisted, and contractors.


TRIREFFAC is organized into eight departments: Ex­ecutive, Waterfront Services, Repair, Planning, Supply, In­formation Technology, Weapons Repair and Comptroller.

The Executive Department conducts a myriad of func­tions for the command including administration, manpower management, security, continuous process improvement, audit and surveillance, quality assurance and inspection, fa­cilities and equipment planning, occupational safety/health/ environmental, legal and public affairs.

Waterfront Services provides crane and rigging func­tions, including crane and rigging gear maintenance, and operators for the huge waterfront cranes.

Repair, TRIREFFAC’s largest department, executes all hull, mechanical, and electrical repair work in support of the TRIDENT maintenance plan, including maintenance, machinery and electrical repair, diving services, drydock and waterfront repairs, as well as all nuclear equipment maintenance and repair.

Planning personnel provide engineering and workload forecasting, and business management services.

The Supply Department provides supply support and submarine logistic services, not only to TRIREFFAC, but also to the entire Kings Bay complex and all east coast sub­marines.

The Information Technology Department takes care of all the command’s computer processing and data commu­nications.

Weapons Repair conducts all strategic weapons, digital and electronic systems repair, weapons handling and stor­age, and operates the Magnetic Silencing Facility.

The Comptroller Department manages the command’s budget, accounting and financial services.



TRIREFFAC completes an average of 18-24 submarine refits each year, and expends more than one million produc­tion man-hours in support of SSBN submarine maintenance and SSGN voyage repair. More than 35,000 man-hours are expended in maintenance and repair during each refit, and up to three submarines could be in a refit status at any given time.

The command also provides maintenance and support services to other class submarines including those belong­ing to the Canadian and British navies. It is the southeast regional repair center for small optics and repairs optical devices such as binoculars and “big eyes” for surface ships including U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

TRIREFFAC Kings Bay operates in an extremely chal­lenging maintenance environment due to the diversity and complexity of the submarine availabilities assigned. The challenges created by this workload and operational tempo demand flexibility, a great deal of individual technical pro­ficiency, and efficiency unrivaled by any other facility in the Navy.

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