Navy Biography

Rear Admiral Douglas Perry

Commander, Submarine Group Nine

Rear Admiral Douglas  Perry

Rear Adm. Douglas Perry is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering.  He is also a graduate of Marquette University with a Master’s in Civil Engineering.

He served at sea as division officer and Navy diver aboard USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720); executive officer/operations officer aboard Submarine NR-1 and executive officer of USS Maine (SSBN 741).  His deployment experiences span the Caribbean and Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific.  As commanding officer of USS Pasadena (SSN 752) from October 2006 to February 2009, he led the ship on highly successful deployments to the Eastern and Western Pacific.

Perry served as commander, Submarine Development Squadron Five where he led Submarine Force development of unmanned systems tactics and employment, and commanded the Navy’s squadron of Seawolf-Class Fast Attack submarines. Prior to his current assignment, he served as director, Joint and Fleet Operations, U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

Ashore, he served as branch chief for Director Undersea Warfare, on the Joint Staff as combatant commander Joint Exercise Engagement division chief and subsequent chief of staff for the Director of Joint Force Development; executive assistant to Commander, Submarine Forces Pacific Fleet; deputy commander, Submarine Squadron 7; congressional liaison in the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs at the Pentagon; Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps instructor at Marquette University; and as Submarine Force Atlantic chief of staff.

Perry is currently serving as commander, Submarine Group Nine in Silverdale, Washington.

Updated: 31 January 2019