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Navy Issues Temporary Hold on Personnel Moves to Japan   (24 March 2011)
Summary: The Navy released NAVADMIN 084/11 March 17 announcing that the movement of personnel to tenant commands and activities in Japan should be stopped effective immediately.    MORE>>

Decreased Funding Reduces Orders Timeline   (11 February 2011)
Summary: Citing the impact of reduced funding, Navy announced Feb. 8 that Sailors should expect to receive orders with shorter lead times and based on operational priority    MORE>>

Timely Perform to Serve Applications Critical to Staying   (11 February 2011)
Summary: Navy Personnel Command is reminding commands and Sailors that submitting Perform to Serve applications is the key to being able to stay Navy.    MORE>>

Operational Stress Control Serves as Key Resource for Sailors, Families   (11 February 2011)
Summary: Preventing and limiting the effects of operational stress on Sailors is a top priority for the U.S. Navy, a priority being met through the Operational Stress Control Program.    MORE>>

Navy Leadership Disturbed By "Spice" Usage Rise   (10 February 2011)
Summary: Navy leaders are expressing alarm at recent statistics that show that Sailors' use of "Spice" and similar so-called designer drugs rose in the last quarter of 2010.    MORE>>

High Retention Prompts Officer Selective Early Retirement Board   (31 January 2011)
Summary: To help offset high retention and low attrition among active duty captains and commanders in the unrestricted line communities, the Navy will conduct a selective early retirement board in July 2011.    MORE>>

Navy Announces New Uniform Components, Rules   (31 January 2011)
Summary: The chief of naval operations approved Navy Uniform Board recommendations Jan. 25.    MORE>>

Involuntary Separation Pay Not Authorized for PFT Failures   (5 January 2011)
Summary: To comply with DOD-wide policy, members separated from the Navy after Jan. 1 solely for failing the physical fitness test (PFT) portion of the physical fitness assessment (PFA) will not be authorized involuntary separation pay, according to a NAVADMIN released Dec. 29.    MORE>>

Re-Enlistment Rules Benefit Fleet, Readiness   (21 December 2010)
Summary: Two new algorithms were developed for the Perform-to- Serve/Fleet Rating Identification Engine (PTS/Fleet RIDE) system and activated Oct. 1, to better identify top- performing Sailors.    MORE>>

Submariners Get New Information Systems Technician Rating   (21 December 2010)
Summary: The Navy released NAVADMIN 406/10, Dec. 17, announcing the creation of the Information Systems Technician Submarines (ITS) service rating and providing active duty Sailors with guidance on how to request an ITS conversion.    MORE>>

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