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Learjet 35/36

These modified Learjet are contracted by the flight hour to support military training and DoD RDTE projects. A total of 13 are under contract.
These are standard Learjet's that have been modified to carry military systems. These Learjet's have been modified to carry; ALQ-167, ALQ-176, AST-6, AST-4, ALE-2, ALE-43,
LAU-7, ACMI, TACTS, LATR, EATS systems and for towing the MTR-101 and RM30.
5 of the 13 Learjet's have also been further modified to support RDTE as an airborne laboratory with 400 Hz, 60 HZ, 28 VDC electrical systems, 19inch racks, GPS positions and aircraft attitude data lines.
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Point Of Contact
Naval Air Systems Command
Public Affairs Department
47123 Buse Road, Unit IPT
BLDG 2272, SUITE 075
Patuxent River, MD 20670-5440
(301) 757-1487
General Characteristics
Primary Function: Supporting military training; Secondary Function: RDTE
Contractor: L-3 Communications Flight International Aviation LLC.
Propulsion: Garrett TFE-731-2-2B.
Length: 48.261 ft.
Height: 12.172 ft.
Wingspan: 39.272 ft.
Weight: 18,158 lbs.
Airspeed: 440 knots at 30,000 ft.
Ceiling: 41,000 ft.
Range: 2,200 statue miles.
Crew: 2 for fleet training (pilot/copilot) - 4 for RDTE (pilot/copilot/2 flight test engineers).
Last Update: 17 February 2009