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AN/SQQ-34 Aircraft Carrier Tactical Support System (CV-TSC)

The CV-TSC system provides increased situational awareness to the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) in support of shipboard self-defense, primarily in the area of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Surface Warfare (SUW) on the Aircraft Carrier. As an integral force multiplier, CV-TSC provides operational support for MH-60R helicopters, as well as, operational control (OPCON) for the P-3/P-8 aircraft. The system provides incremental development to deliver frequent capability updates to the Fleet, developing, testing, certifying, and fielding system upgrades and cybersecurity patches. The program maintains interoperability with current and future interfaces; supports mission data exchange; improves track/sensor processing and analysis techniques; mission planning; data recording, reconstruction and distribution; embedded simulation and training capabilities; and implements cyber-security measures to effectively employ overall CVN self-defense capabilities. CV-TSC integrates sensor data from Off-Board Aircraft, Organic Platform Sensors, Link-16 Track Data, Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) Track Data, Global Command and Control System (GCCS) Over-the-Horizon Track Data, and Environmental and Threat Databases to assess the threat and assist the Tactical Action Officer (TAO) and CSG to effectively employ overall CVN self-defense capabilities. CV-TSC generates real-time ASW/SUW information and recommendations; tactical planning and employment of ASW/SUW assets; ASW/SUW sensor data processing and analysis; and distribution of tactically significant data.
CV-TSC is a post-milestone C Acquisition Category (ACAT) III program that has evolved through several incremental upgrades from a stand-alone system to a network centric distributed system and integrated element of the CVN combat system. The program was initiated in 1973 to provide aircraft carrier based ASW/SUW support capabilities to the embarked S-3 Viking fixed wing aircraft and SH-3 Sea King helicopters. The latest variant of the system, the AN/SQQ-34C(V)2, began fielding on aircraft carriers in 2012 and includes significant upgrades to integrate the tactical and sensor data of the MH-60R helicopter with the ship's combat systems, significantly increasing the aircraft carrier's ASW/SUW capabilities. The system is fielded on Navy Enterprise Common Processing, Display and communications equipment. Follow-on plans include Technology Insertion (TI) 16 to address processor obsolescence; additional processing capabilities to support MQ-4C Triton; and future ASW/SUW aircraft.
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