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AN/UYQ-100 Undersea Warfare Decision Support System (USW-DSS)

Undersea Warfare Decision Support System (USW-DSS) provides a net-centric capability for the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) commander to plan, coordinate, establish and maintain a common tactical picture (CTP) and execute tactical control. It does this by implementing net-centric decision making tools in an open architecture environment enabling sharing of key tactical data between ASW platforms and support nodes within the battlespace in near real-time. By providing this enhanced command and control (C2) within the strike group and theater, the detect-to-engage timeline is shortened. USW-DSS is the sole Navy program of record providing an undersea warfare (USW) CTP. USW-DSS complements and provides an interface with common operational picture (COP) systems such as Global Command and Control System-Maritime (GCCS-M) and Link-11/16. When deployed on cruisers and destroyers, the Navy’s surface ship ASW combat system AN/SQQ-89 provides ship, sensor and track data to USW-DSS. The CVN Tactical Support System (CV-TSC) provides this data when the system is installed on carriers. These data sources enable USW-DSS to generate and share a single, composite track picture. Decision support tools within the system employ a service-oriented architecture with existing computing hardware and communication links comprising sensor data from multiple platforms to provide rapid confidence in the decision processes between sensors and weapons. These capabilities provide the sea combat commander (SCC), theater ASW commander (TASWC) and ASW commander (ASWC) an integrated capability to plan, conduct and coordinate USW operations across all ASW platforms. USW-DSS provides highly detailed visualization, integrated platform sensor and distributed combat systems, reduced data entry, improved sensor performance predictions and data fusion while reducing redundancy of USW tactical decision aids.
USW-DSS Build 2 Release 3 (B2R3) completed Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) in FY 2013. USW-DSS has been delivered on 49 surface combatants and aircraft carriers. USW-DSS is also operational at three shore commands and at five sites conducting initial and refresher training. These deployed systems provide Navy commands unique USW mission-planning capabilities and mission execution, USW CTP and tactical execution capabilities. B2R3 fully leverages the Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES) hardware and software computing environment by installing as software only on ships. Initial operating capability was fielded in the first quarter of FY 2010. B2R3 fielding is planned to continue through FY 2019 on a total of 65 ships and shore sites. Design and task analysis for a Build 3 Fleet Capability Release (FCR) software update will commence in FY 2017. Follow-On plans include enhanced theater ASW capability to include an Electronic Master Tactical Plot (eMTP), tools and integration for air platform data exchange, enhanced and expanded net-centric data interfaces.
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