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MK 75 - 76 mm/62 Caliber Gun

Lightweight, fully automated, remote controlled, rapid-fire, 76mm gun mount.
The MK 75 gun is suitable for installation on small combatants due to its light weight, and low manpower requirements. One gun mount is installed aboard Medium and High Endurance USCG cutters. The MK 75 was provisionally approved for service use in September 1975.

BAE Systems (The former Naval Systems Division (NSD) of FMC Corporation) and General Electric Co. (Ordnance Systems Division) were licensed by the gun's designer, OTO Melara of La Spezia, Italy, and competed for the right to manufacture the MK 75 in the United States. In 1975, BAE systems won the competition. Since 1981, all MK 75 buys have been competed between BAE systems and OTO Melara. The U.S. Navy is no longer acquiring MK 75 guns but has logistics support contracts with BAE systems and OTO Melara.

The first MK 75 gun produced in the U.S. was delivered in August, 1978. The MK 75 gun is in the sustainment phase of the product life cycle. System improvements include: barrel tube upgrade, breechblock positive stops, and barrel cooling panel upgrade.
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Office of Corporate Communication (SEA 00D)
Naval Sea Systems Command
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General Characteristics
Primary Function: Single barrel, lightweight, water-cooled, rapid fire, remote controlled, dual purpose automatic enclosed naval gun.
Contractor: Designed by OTO Melara, Italy
Manufactured by FMC Naval Systems Division and OTO Melara.
Date Deployed: 1978 (USS Oliver Hazard Perry).
Range: 10 nautical miles (11.5 statue miles, 18.4 km).
Type Fire: 80 rounds per minute automatic.
Caliber: 76 mm (3 inch).
Guidance System: MK 92 Fire Control System.
Platforms: WHEC 715 Class (USCG)
WMEC 901 Class (USCG)
Last Update: 16 January 2019
Photo: 76mm gun mount on Navy frigate conducts target practice