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HYDROS is a 2,000-pound Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that is designed to meet the Navy’s shallow water, light weight, rapid deployable salvage requirements to a maximum depth of 5,000 feet anywhere in the world.

The system is air transportable and can operate from a wide variety of vessels-of-opportunity (VOO). The vehicle is an all hydraulic design with a programmable logic controller (PLC) architecture.
The operator can control the ROV in all six degrees of motion manually and with traditional auto-control functions for depth, altitude, heading, and speed over ground. Additionally, the control system has an ROV dynamic positioning capability allowing the vehicle to fly via computer instruction allowing hands-free position keeping, auto-translate movement, follow pre-programmed routes and go to posit functions.

The vehicle is equipped with sonars that can detect acoustic pingers and identify small targets to a distance of 1,000-feet. HYDROS uses an electro-hydraulic power pack for thrusters and all tooling functions. It has two five function manipulators capable of working with tools and attaching rigging up to 100lbs. For imaging the vehicle has a HD Pan and Tilt Video Camera and LED lighting. For special operations the ROV can accommodate custom skid-mounted tool packages and other sensor suites.
The ROV system was designed around two different configurations. The light weight, low-volume configuration is limited to 1,000-fsw and able to fit on a small VOO such as a harbor tug, oceanographic vessel, or commercial fishing boat. The second heavy configuration is a fully self-sufficient standalone system capable of 5,000-fsw with complete deck gear to include traditional control vans, a launch and recovery handling system, and all support equipment.

General Specifications:


Length 8 ft 3 in

Width 4 ft 4 in

Height 4 ft

Weight 2,000 lbs


Depth 5,000 feet sea water

Speed > 3 knots

Auto Controls

Depth, altitude, heading, Station Keeping/Dynamic

Lift Capacity 4,500 lbs (releasable, Umbilical dependent)

Payload 150 lbs



Tactical grade MEMS inertial navigation system (+/- 0.5 deg)

150 KHz phased array Doppler velocity log (275 meter range)

Ultra Short Baseline Tracking (31.5 KHz – 33.5 KHz)


1 x gyro stabilized sonar (280Khz-1.1Mhz Tunable) 200 meter range

Pinger locator (27/37.5/45 kHz)

BlueView multibeam sonar ( Optional)


1 x 1080p HD low light pilot color video (fixed)

1 x 1080p pan tilt zoom color video

1 x 460 line color video with LED lights ( fixed)

2 x 460 line wide angle color video (fixed)


4 x 100 Watt LED fixed


2 x 5 function manipulators (100 lb lift at 36 inch maximum extension)

2 x load release hooks

2 x 3000 psi, 8 GPM auxiliary servo hydraulic functions

5 x 2300 psi, 4 GPM auxiliary solenoid hy-draulic functions


Single Mode fiber optic ( 2 Spare fibers)

3 x SD video channels

2 x HD video channels ( 1.5 Gigabit)

2 x RS 485

2 x High Speed TTL Trigger

1 x 10/100 Mb Ethernet

1 x Gigabit Ethernet

6 x RS 232
Last Update: 9 February 2017