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Shallow Water Intermediate Search System - Towed Side Scan Sonar

SWISS is a towed side scan sonar that meets the Navy's mid-water search requirement down to a maximum depth of 7,000 feet of seawater.
The system consists of the vehicle, fiber-optic tow cable, handling system, generator operations van and a maintenance van. Navigation is accomplished by using algorithms incorporating the amount of cable in the water and the depth indication from the pressure sensor. Electrical power from the support platform can be used for the system if it is compatible; otherwise a generator provides the power. SWISS is a dual frequency (100/500 kHz) towed side-scan sonar system mounted inside a torpedo shaped tow body. The sonar is towed behind a vessel at slow speeds, generally from 1-5 knots depending on the required depth. Sonar signals are processed producing both an analog and digital display in order to identify potential targets. The low frequency is primarily used for searching for large objects or at long ranges, while the higher frequency provides extremely fine details and operates at shorter ranges.
Tow Body
Length - 5 ft
Diameter - 4 1/2 in
Weight - 70 lbs

Performance Depth - 7,000 ft
Tow Speed - 1-5 knots
Auto Controls - TVG (Time Varied Gain)
Point Of Contact
Naval Sea Systems Command
Office of Corporate Communications (SEA 00D)
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376
(202) 781 - 4123
General Characteristics
Primary Function: Ocean bottom object location.
Last Update: 27 February 2017