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Magnum ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle

MAGNUM is a 3,500 pound Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that is designed to meet the Navy's mid-water requirements down to a maximum depth of 8,000 feet of seawater.

The system is based around a caged work class vehicle designed for use in high currents. The caged ROV is deployed from any suitable vessel of opportunity with a high-strength armored cable. The side-entry cage provides protection and weight to assist in passing through the currents in the water column. Once near the mission depth the ROV is deployed from the cage with a 600-foot Kevlar tether that is stored onboard the cage with a hydraulically operated winch.

The system consists of the vehicle, handling system, deck hydraulic power unit, generator, and three deck vans. The handling system includes the winch with the armored fiber optic umbilical cable and an A-frame type crane. Navigation is accomplished with an ultra-short baseline acoustic tracking system. The separate diesel generator provides electrical power for the system or power from the support platform can be used if it is compatible.

The operator can control the ROV in all six degrees of motion with auto-control functions for depth, altitude, and heading. The vehicle is equipped with CTFM sonar that can detect acoustic pingers and identify small targets at a distance of 2,000 feet. It is equipped with two-seven function manipulators, high-efficiency thrusters, telemetry/control computers, three video cameras, a digital still camera and a variety of lights.

MAGNUM equipment modules are designed for ground oar air shipment, and can operate from any capable platform of opportunity. Magnum system components include a 3,500-pound (air) ROV, armored umbilical cable on a hydraulic-powered cable reel, a frame launching assembly, and three deck vans.
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Performance Depth - 8,200 ft. of seawater Lift Capactity - 8,000 lbs. maximum Payload - 300 lbs. Speed - 4 knots Propulsion - Hydraulic thrusters Auto Controls - Depth, altitude, handling
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