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Auxiliary General Purpose Oceanographic Research Vessel - AGOR

The Neil Armstrong class of Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR) vessels are modern mono-hull research vessels based on a commercial design capable of integrated, interdisciplinary, general purpose oceanographic research in coastal and deep ocean areas.
The detail design and construction of R/V Neil Armstrong (AGOR 27) was competitively awarded to Dakota Creek Industries, Inc. Oct. 14, 2011; the option for the construction of R/V Sally Ride (AGOR 28) was exercised Feb. 3, 2012. AGOR 27 was delivered Sept. 23, 2015; AGOR 28 was delivered July 1, 2016.

The Neil Armstrong class are well-equipped, modern oceanographic research platforms capable of satisfying a wide range of research activities conducted by academic institutions and national laboratories involved in oceanographic research. The ships are U.S. flagged and manned by commercial crews. The two ships are owned by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). ONR competitively selected two institutions to operate the ships under renewable charter-party agreements: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution operates the lead ship, AGOR 27, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography operates AGOR 28.

The Neil Armstrong class ships are outfitted with multi-drive, low-voltage diesel electric propulsion systems. This upgraded system helps maintain efficiency while lowering maintenance and fuel costs. They also feature a modern suite of oceanographic equipment, including state of the art acoustic equipment capable of mapping the deepest parts of the oceans, advanced over-the-side handling gear to deploy and retrieve scientific instruments, emissions controls for stack gasses and new information technology tools both for monitoring shipboard systems and for communicating with the land-based sites worldwide. These enhanced modular onboard laboratories and extensive science payload capacity provide the ships with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of oceanographic research challenges in the coming decades.
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General Characteristics, Neil Armstrong Class
Builder: Dakota Creek Industries Inc.
Length: 238 feet (72.5 meters)
Beam: 50 feet (15.24 meters)
Displacement: 3,043 long tons (full load)
Draft: 15 feet (4.6 meters)
Speed: 12 knots
Crew: 20 crew, 24 science berths
R/V Neil Armstrong (AGOR 27) - Delivered
R/V Sally Ride (AGOR 28) - Delivered
Last Update: 12 January 2018