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Aviation Logistics Support Ships - T-AVB

Two aviation logistics support ships are assigned to the Military Sealift Command Prepositioning Program. They carry aviation maintenance equipment in support of U.S. Marine Corps fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
SS Wright and SS Curtiss are outfitted with both a stern ramp and side ports. Their roll-on/roll-off deck runs the complete length of the ship. When outfitted with mobile facilities, the ships can service aircraft while anchored offshore.
SS Wright and SS Curtiss are U.S. Maritime Administration ships permanently assigned to Military Sealift Command's Prepositioning Program to enhance the U.S. Marine Corp's aviation maintenance support ability. The ships normally are kept in reduced operating status with a cadre crew aboard. SS Wright and SS Curtiss were converted by Todd Shipyards of Galveston, Texas in 1986 and 1987, respectively.
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General Characteristics, Wright Class
Builder: Todd Shipyards, Galveston, TX.
Propulsion: 2 combustion engineering boilers; 2 GE turbines; 30,000 hp; 1 shaft.
Length: 602 feet (183.61 meters).
Beam: 90.2 feet (27.51 meters).
Displacement: 23,872 tons (24,254 metric tons) full load; 11,757 dead weight tons.
Speed: 19 knots (21.87 mph).
Crew: 37 crew and 1 Aircraft Maintenance Detachment totaling 362 men.
SS Wright (T-AVB 3), No homeport - formerly the SS Young America
SS Curtiss (T-AVB 4), No homeport - formerly the SS Great Republic
Last Update: 23 February 2017