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Auxiliary Roll-on/Roll-off Ships T-AKR

Twenty-seven auxiliary roll-on/roll-off ships are U.S. Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force ships that can be quickly activated to support military sea transportation needs. They are used for military wheeled and tracked vehicles and associated rolling stock. When activated, they come under operational control of Military Sealift Command.
The auxiliary roll-on/roll-off ships are designed to carry military wheeled and tracked vehicles and rolling stock. The ships have large stern ramps that are used to load and unload their cargo.
The roll-on/roll-off ships fall into several classes, some using steam turbines and some diesel engines. All are maintained in reduced operating status on the U.S. East, Gulf or West Coasts near potential loading ports. Crews are provided by commercial companies under contract to MARAD.
Last Update: 11 January 2019