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Auxiliary Break-Bulk Ships T-AK

Five auxiliary break-bulk ships are U.S. Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force ships that can be quickly activated to support military sea transportation needs. Three of these converted container ships are rigged to perform underway replenishment with Navy surface ships. Two are designed to carry lighterage that serves to deliver onboard cargo directly to shore. When activated, all come under operational control of Military Sealift Command. One, SS Cape Jacob, is activated and permanently assigned to MSC prepositioning duties.
Three auxiliary break-bulk ships are rigged with modular cargo delivery systems (MCDS) that are capable of conducting underway replenishments with Navy surface combatants. Two carry lighterage aboard the ship (LASH) to off-load cargo and deliver it ashore.
The break-bulk ships all use steam turbine propulsion systems. All are maintained in reduced operating status on the U.S. East, Gulf or West Coasts. Crews are provided by commercial companies under contract to MARAD.
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