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MK 30 Mod 1 Anti-Submarine Warfare Target

The MK 30 Mod 1 Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) target is a heavyweight torpedo-sized underwater vehicle used to provide surface ships, submarines, and aircraft with realistic, reliable, available and economical ASW training.

The MK 30 Mod 1 target contains equipment that responds to active sonar and torpedo interrogation and provides radiated noise for passive sonar tracking and acoustic homing torpedoes. A submarine-like magnetic anomaly signature is also provided for use by ASW aircraft equipped with magnetic anomaly detection equipment. Though originally designed for use in the open ocean, recent design changes allow for littoral ASW training. The MK 30 Mod 1 has conducted more than 25,000 training missions since 1974. The average age of the inventory of MK 30 Mod 1 targets is more than 30 years, which was the planned service life. The MK 30 Mod 1 program has initiated a Service Life Extension Program to enable the MK 30 Mod 1 target to support fleet training for 20 more years.
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