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MK 30 Mod 2 Anti-Submarine Warfare Target

The MK 30 Mod 2 is the new generation fleet anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training target for training Navy surface ships, submarines and aircraft that will be capable of simulating submarine threats anticipated in today's littoral warfare environment. Replacing 11 of the 44 aging MK 30 Mod 1 targets, MK 30 Mod 2 is a highly reliable and maintainable unmanned undersea vehicle simulating the dynamics, acoustics and magnetic signature of submarines and while acting as a target for ASW sensors and torpedoes to detect, classify, track and pursue in a realistic training environment.

The MK 30 Mod 2 program was initiated in 1992 to replace the fleet of MK 30 Mod 1 targets, reduce operating and lifecycle costs, and improve performance. The Mod 2 expands upon the training capability of MK 30 Mod 1 by including autonomous evasions, threat realistic narrowband and broadband sonar, aspect dependant acoustic response, and transient noise generation. The MK 30 Mod 2 target reached Initial Operational Capability (IOC) in 2002. The Navy has procured 11 MK 30 Mod 2s.
Point Of Contact
Office of Corporate Communication (SEA 00D)
Naval Sea Systems Command
Washington, D.C. 20376
General Characteristics
Contractor: Joint Venture LM Sippican/Granite State Manufacturing
Length: 20.9 feet
Diameter: 21 inches
Weight: 2,780 pounds
Last Update: 27 November 2012