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The following is an alphabetical listing of what is available on this, the official web site of the United States Navy. If more information is available at other web sites, those links have been provided to better serve our users. For a list of Navy commands with web sites, please see our list of Navy Web sites. To find a subject here, select the first letter of the subject from the right-side menu bar.

Bachelor Quarters - Navy Bachelor Housing Office
Badges - Breast insignia and badges
Band schedules, history, etc., of the U.S. Navy Band, Washington, D.C.
bullet Bases and air stations, Naval, U.S. only
bullet Bases, all services, worldwide
Battle of Midway An interactive presentation of the events leading up to, and including the Battle of Midway.
bullet A brief history of battleships in the U.S. Navy
bullet Former U.S. Navy battleships, a list of all
bullet Naval Vessel Register Battleship list
bullet Education opportunities for active duty Navy personnel
bulletbullet Naval Education and Training Command Programs
bullet Veterans' benefits - from the Department of Veterans' Affairs
Biographies of Navy Leadership
Biological Warfare Threat Assessment - from DefenseLINK, the DoD web site
Birthday, Navy (Resources)
Blue Angels - the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron web site with the current schedule
Boorda, Adm. Jeremy M. - CNO (23 April 1994 - 16 May 1996)
"Boot Camp" - Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois
Breast Insignia and Badges
Budget, Navy
bullet Burial at Sea
bullet Funeral honors, requesting
Business, doing, with the Military - from the Department of Defense web site, DefenseLINK
Business, doing, with the Navy
bullet Doing Business with the U.S. Navy
bullet Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)
bullet Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization - Office of the Secretary of the Navy

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