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The following is an alphabetical listing of what is available on this, the official web site of the United States Navy. If more information is available at other web sites, those links have been provided to better serve our users. For a list of Navy commands with web sites, please see our list of Navy Web sites. To find a subject here, select the first letter of the subject from the right-side menu bar.

Captain's Call Kit
Ceremonial music, marches, and selected music - performed by the U.S. Navy Band
Chief Information Officer, Department of the Navy - Information Technology
bullet ChaplainCare web site
Chiefs of Naval Operations
bullet Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert CNO: Sept. 23, 2011 - Present
bullet Adm. Gary Roughead CNO: Sept. 29, 2007 - Sept. 23, 2011
bullet Adm. Michael G. Mullen, CNO: Jul. 22, 2005 - Sept. 29, 2007
bullet Adm. Vern Clark, CNO: Jul. 21, 2000 - Jul. 22, 2005
bullet Adm. Jay L. Johnson, CNO: Aug. 2, 1996 - Jul. 21, 2000
bullet Adm. Jeremy M. Boorda, CNO: Apr. 23, 1994 - May 16, 1996
bullet Adm. Frank B. Kelso, CNO: July 1, 1990 Apr. 23, 1994
bullet Chiefs of Naval Operations, List
bullet CNO Diversity Policy click here to read the CNO Diversity Policy
Chips - The Navy's technical journal.
Civil War Sailors Database - from National Park Service
Civilian positions, job announcements
bullet Department of the Navy Human Resources Online - Department of the Navy Human Resources Online - Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Civilian Human Resources [DASN (CHR)] and the Department of the Navy Human Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) civilian vacancy announcements and other information.
bullet Navy Secretariat/Headquarters Human Resources Office - Employment opportunities with the U.S. Navy in the Washington, D.C., area
bullet Office of Personnel Management - Employment opportunities with the Federal government, including the Department of the Navy
bullet Fed World - Employment opportunities with the Federal government, including the Department of the Navy.
Claims - how and where to file household goods, personally owned vehicle (POV), or personal property claims with the Navy
College Program, Navy
Climate Change Roadmap
Concepts of Operations
bullet ForceNet Concept of Operations for the 21st Century
Constitution, USS - the oldest commissioned warship afloat.
bullet Fact File page on the USS Constitution
bullet History of the USS Constitution
bullet Sail200 - USS Constitution under sail for the first time in 116 years
bullet USS Constitution's web site
Cool Program Credentialing Opportunities On-Line
Construction Battalions - (Seabees) fact sheet
Consumer protection - information from the Federal Trade Commission on scams
"Copernicus ... Forward" - The Navy's C4I information management architecture
Core Values of the U.S. Navy
Craft, Service - ship's list from NVR
Creed, The Sailor's
Current Status of the Navy - updated daily

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