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The following is an alphabetical listing of what is available on this, the official web site of the United States Navy. If more information is available at other web sites, those links have been provided to better serve our users. For a list of Navy commands with web sites, please see our list of Navy Web sites. To find a subject here, select the first letter of the subject from the right-side menu bar.

F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet
bullet Fact File page on F/A-18
bullet F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Weapons Load Out
bullet Super Hornet page
bullet Super Hornet successfully completes sea trials
Fact File - facts sheets on aircraft, ships, personnel, etc.
Family Assistance - from DoD's web site
FirstGov - U.S. Government web portal
Fitness - Navy Physical Readiness Program
Flag, how to display the U.S.
Flag Officer Biographies
Flags, signal
Fleet Home Town News Center - a field activity of the Navy Office of Information
bullet Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
bullet Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
bullet Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe
bullet Commander, Second Fleet
bullet Commander, Third Fleet (and USS Coronado)
bullet Commander, Fifth Fleet
bullet Commander, Sixth Fleet
bullet Commander, Seventh Fleet
ForceNet Concept of Operations for the 21st Century
Forms online
bullet Department of the Navy forms
bullet Department of Defense Forms
bullet Various U.S. government agencies forms
Forward Presence - Written by the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. December 1996
bullet DoD Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hotline
bullet Consumer protection - information from the Federal Trade Commission on scams
Freedom of Information Online Resource Center - Department of the Navy's Freedom of Information Act program.
Frequently Asked Questions about the U.S. Navy
"From the Sea", an archived Navy's strategic outlook, and its updates
bullet America's 21st Century Force - Navy Posture Statements
bulletbullet 2000 Edition
bulletbullet 1999 Edition
bullet Forward ... From the Sea: Anytime, Anywhere, 1998 Posture Statement
bullet Enduring Impact ... From the Sea, 1997 Posture Statement
bullet Forward ... From the Sea, the Navy Operational Concept (3/97)
bullet "...From the Sea" (9/92)
bulletbullet "The OpNav Assessment Process" (5/93)
bulletbullet "Naval Forward Presence ... Essential for a Changing World" (5/93)
bulletbullet "Carriers for Force 2001" (5/93)
bulletbullet "Force Sustainment" (5/93)
bulletbullet "Joint Operations ...From the Sea" (5/93)
bulletbullet "Working with Other Nations" (10/93)
bulletbullet "Navy Medicine .. Shaping the Change" (5/94)
bullet "Forward ... From the Sea" (11/94) The update to the original document
bullet "Partnership... From the Sea" Remarks by Adm. J. M. Boorda, 6 Nov 1995
bullet Sea Power for a new Era - A Program Guide to the U.S. Navy [Formerly called Vision, Presence, Power]
bulletbullet 2006 Edition
bullet Vision, Presence, Power - A Program Guide to the U.S. Navy
bulletbullet 2005 Edition
bulletbullet 2004 Edition
bulletbullet 2002 Edition
bulletbullet 2000 Edition
bulletbullet 1999 Edition
bulletbullet 1998 Edition
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