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The following is an alphabetical listing of what is available on this, the official web site of the United States Navy. If more information is available at other web sites, those links have been provided to better serve our users. For a list of Navy commands with web sites, please see our list of Navy Web sites. To find a subject here, select the first letter of the subject from the right-side menu bar.

bullet Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
bullet Pay Charts from DFAS
bullet Pay Charts for Civilian Personnel from Office of Personnel Management
Pearl Harbor, Remembering
bullet Benefits
bulletbulletbullet CNET Programs
bulletbulletbullet Voluntary Education Programs
bulletbullet Veterans' benefits
bulletbulletbullet Navy Personnel Command Programs
bulletbulletbullet DFAS Programs and Services
bulletbulletbullet Veterans Affairs Programs and Benefits
bullet Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database - from the National Park Service
bullet Joint Chiefs of Staff
bullet Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Per Diem rates
Personnel Command, Navy
bullet Detailers, Enlisted (Pers-4)
bullet Detailers, Officer
bulletbullet Surface Warfare Officer (Pers-41)
bulletbullet Submarine/Nuclear Power Officer (Pers-42)
bulletbullet Aviation Officer (Pers-43)
bulletbullet Restricted Line/Staff Corps Officer (Pers-44)
bulletbullet Limited Duty Officer/Warrant Officer (Pers-211)
bulletbulletbullet "Mustang University"
Physical Readiness Program, Navy Physical Fitness
Photographs, Navy
Photographs/images/video products, requests for
Plan of the Day/Week Notes
Policy issues
bullet SECNAVINST 5720.47B - Department of the Navy Policy for Content of Publicly Accessible World Wide Web Sites (PDF File)
bullet Department of Defense: Web Site Administration, Policies and Procedures
bullet Navy Medical Policy
Navy Medicine Online
Postgraduate School, Naval
Posture Statement, Dept. of the Navy
bullet 2010
bullet 2009
bullet 2006
bullet 2007
bullet 2008
bullet Joint Task Force - Full Accountability
bullet POW/MIA database - from the Library of Congress
Privacy Act Online Resource Center - from the Department of the Navy Privacy Act office
Program Guide to the U.S. Navy: Sea Power for a new Era[Formerly called Vision, Presence, Power]
bullet 2009 Edition
bullet 2007 Edition
bullet 2006 Edition
Program Guides to the U.S. Navy: Vision, Presence, Power
bullet 2005 Edition
bullet 2004 Edition
bullet 2002 Edition
bullet 2000 Edition
bullet 1999 Edition
bullet 1998 Edition
Programs Office, Navy International
Promotions, Current Lists - from Navy Personnel Command
Public Affairs Support Element, Navy (formerly known as Public Affairs Centers, Navy) Name and URL changed
Public Affairs Directory[Contact for information]

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