The United States Navy: Embarks aboard U.S. Navy ships

Embarks aboard U.S. Navy ships

The U.S. Navy sponsors a Distinguished Visitors Program to increase awareness of the Navy’s mission and highlight the tremendous service of our people. Because opportunities for civilian embarkations on Navy ships and submarines underway are extremely limited, people considered for this program are selected based on their ability to share their experience with the largest possible audience. Embarkations of journalists, community leaders or celebrities that gain mass media exposure greatly assist our recruiting and educational efforts by allowing thousands to share in the experience. These individuals, in turn, make positive contributions to the public understanding of the roles and missions of the Navy by having their experience promoted through various media outlets.

However, the Navy also sponsors limited in-port tours of our ships and submarines for the general public. Those wishing to tour a ship in port should contact the nearest Navy base for information as to which ships are open for visiting and at what times.

Reviewed: 02 September 2009