U.S. Navy: Emergency Communications to or Notification of Sailors

Communicating to a Sailor in an emergency situation

The American Red Cross provides an avenue by which the immediate family members of military personnel can communicate to the Sailor following the death or serious illness of a family member, the birth of a child or in other family emergencies. The Red Cross has the ability to send messages quickly, anywhere in the world, including ships at sea, embassies and isolated military units. Also, active duty military personnel can use the Red Cross system.

Members of the service member's immediate family or active duty military personnel stationed in the U.S. can call the Armed Forces Emergency Service Center for help seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The toll-free telephone number is available through base/installation operators and from local on-base Red Cross stations.

Also, family members, members of the National Guard and Reserves, retirees and civilians may contact the Red CrossAmerican Red Cross web site.

Important: When calling the Red Cross to send an emergency message to a family member, please have the following information ready:

The American Red Cross also provides 24-hour emergency communication services to military personnel overseas. Overseas personnel stationed at military installations can access Red Cross services by calling base/installation operators or on-base Red Cross stations. Navy personnel aboard ships deployed should contact the ship's Chaplain's office.

Reviewed: Jan. 9, 2018