Navy FAQ: Photos

Obtaining Navy photos, digital images
and video products


Notice: U.S. Navy photographs and digital images on this site are fully released by the U.S. Navy. If used for news and information purposes please credit as "U.S. Navy photo by [photographer's name]." The use of Navy images for advertisements must be specifically approved by the Navy Office of Information (OI-2) prior to the use. Write to and include details on your intended usage.

Photographic/video support for major print and broadcast media, TV, documentary and government public affairs agencies

The Navy Media Content Operation's (OI-2) mission is to share the Navy story and build strong relationships to create trust and understanding between the Navy and our publics. To accomplish this, they anticipate content requirements for national and international news media and ensure availability. They also serve as editor-in-chief for Navy flagship products and align content with Navy media priorities.

Note: Requests for Navy support of film or television documentary production, please contact the Navy Office of Information West in Los Angeles at 310-235-7481 before support can be provided by OI-2. Please be advised that a broadcast agreement or network distribution is required prior to consideration.


Navy Media Content Operations
Office of Information (OI-2)
1200 Navy Pentagon RM 4B463
Washington, DC 20350-1200
(703) 614-9154 (office)

How to obtain Navy photos/video products from the period prior to 1982


National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Still Picture Branch
8601 Adelphi Rd.
College Park, MD 20740-6001
phone: 301-713-6625 ext. 234
fax: 301-713-7436
World Wide Web at:

The National Archives uses a system of private contractors who reproduce photos for the researching public. The amount of time and the cost are variable (time is usually a month). Payment is made to the contractor that the researcher selects. More information is available from the NARA web site.

How to obtain Navy images and photos/video products
of the period from 1982 to present


Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC)
Customer Service
1363 Z Street, Building 2730
March Air Force Base, CA 92518-2073
World Wide Web site:
Phone: 909-413-2522 (still photography)
Phone: 909-413-2550 (video)
Fax: 909-413-2525
DSN Prefix: 348

The DVIC is specifically designed to support general public requests for photography and video products. The cost for these services depends on the nature of each request. Military personnel not associated with public affairs may request imaging support for briefings and general display work. DVIC receives images only after being submitted and archived by the Navy. For the most recent images released by the Navy go to the NAVY.MIL Photo Gallery located at

How to obtain Navy photo/video products for
briefings by Department of Defense organizations

Department of Defense organizations needing digital images, photos, or video for briefings should contact:

Department of Defense
Joint Combat Camera Center
Rm. 5A518 - The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350
phone: 703-695-7118
World Wide Web at:

The DoD Joint Combat Camera Center (DoD JCCC) is the official central repository for all Combat Camera still and video imagery of significant DoD operations and exercises worldwide. The JCCC does not fulfill requests from commercial industry or the general public.

Navy organizations in the Pacific Fleet area of responsibility needing images for briefings can visit the web site of the Fleet Imaging Command Pacific at

Other sources of U.S. Navy historical photography are

Naval Historical Foundation
Washington Navy Yard
1306 Dahlgren Ave SE
Washington, DC 20374-5055

This is a private, non-profit organization, offering non-government photographic reproduction services for Naval Historical Center photographs. For the latest in ordering procedures, image availability, and price, please contact them at 202-678-4333, fax: 202-889-3565, or send them at e-mail at, or you can visit their web site at .

U.S. Naval Institute Photo Sales Service
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5034

This is a also a private, non-profit organization. For the latest in ordering procedures, image availability, and price, please contact them at 410-295-1022. Also, more information is available from the USNI web site.

Reviewed: 09 January 2015