U.S. Navy - Officer Specialty Devices

Specialty Insignia -- Staff Corps

Commissioned officers in the Navy are either Line officers or Staff Corps officers. Those of the Staff Corps are specialists in career fields which are professions unto themselves, such as physicians, lawyers, civil engineers, etc. Staff Corps officers wear their specialty insignia on the sleeve of the dress blue uniforms and on their shoulder boards in place of the star worn by Line officers. On Winter Blue and khaki uniforms, the specialty insignia is a collar device worn on the left collar while the rank device is worn on the right.
Medical Corps Insignia Dental Corps Insignia Nurse Corps Insignia Medical Service Corps Insignia
Medical Corps Dental Corps Nurse Corps Medical
Service Corps
Chaplain Corps (Christian) Insignia Chaplain Corps (Jewish) Insignia Chaplain Corps (Muslim) Insignia Supply Corps Insignia
Chaplain Corps
Chaplain Corps
Chaplain Corps
Supply Corps
Civil Engineer Corps Insignia Judge Advocate General's Corps Insignia
Civil Engineer
Advocate General's

Reviewed: 12 August 2009