TWA Flt 800 - Navy Lends Assistance

Navy ships assisting in the search and recovery
of TWA Flight 800 wreckage

USS Oakhill
USS Oak Hill, (LSD 51), commissioned June 8, is a dock landing ship. On scene since July 24, Oak Hill serves as an afloat command post and at-sea base of operations for the Navy support effort. She can support boat operations from her flooded well deck as well as helicopters from the flight deck. More information on LSDs can be found in the Navy Fact File.
USS Grasp
USS Grasp (ARS 51) is a rescue and salvage ship, one of four in the Navy fleet. These ships are used to rescue ships in distress and can salvage wreckage of all kinds. Grasp, on scene since July 22 after returning from a five-month Mediterranean deployment on July 18, is able to lift up to 300 tons. More information on ARSs can be found in the Navy Fact File.
USS Grapple
A sister ship to USS Grasp, USS Grapple (ARS 53) is also a rescue and salvage ship. Grapple arrived on scene on July 30, thus providing additional lift capability, and with its Deep Drone 7200 remotely-operated vehicle and Navy divers increases the search ability of the Navy support effort. More information on ARSs can be found in the Navy Fact File.
M/V Piroette
M/V Pirouette, under contract to the Navy. The Navy contracted this 110-foot motor vessel to carry the Shallow Water Intermediate System (SWISS), the Pinger Locator System (PLS) the Mini Remotely Operated Vehicles, MR-1 and MR-2.

Reviewed: 16 September 2009