What's in the left side of an Enlisted Service Record?

These are the items found on the left side of an Enlisted Service Record. Not all items are needed or necessary. The items with blue shading are not required.

Documents are filed in sequence with the item "1" on top
Item #Navy TerminologyCivilian terms
1OPNAV 5510/415 Record Identifier for Personal Reliability Program (3-94)(supersedes NAVPERS 5510/1) Security background used if in special programs, such as weapons handler or nuclear field
2NAVPERS 5510/1 Record Identifier for Personal Reliability Program (canceled/replaced by OPNAV 5510/415) (if present in FSR) Security background used if in special programs, such as weapons handler or nuclear field
3OPNAV 5211/9 Record of Disclosure, Privacy Act of 1974 (Rev. 8-81) Signature of person reviewing/implementing information into service record and date of entry
4OPNAV 5510/414 Personal Reliability Program Screening and Evaluation Record (3-94) (supersedes NAVPERS 5510/3) Screening form used for #1
5NAVPERS 5510/3 Personal Reliability Program Screening and Evaluation Record (cancelled/replaced by OPNAV 5510/414), if present in FSR Screening form used for #2
6OPNAV 5520/20 Certificate of Personnel Security Investigation, Clearance and Access (Rev. 10-79) Results of #12 through #15, with assigned level of Clearance
7 Current permanent change of station orders and endorsements List next job, recommendations for staff positions, overseas medical clearance for Sailor & family.
8OPNAV 5350/1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statement of Understanding (Rev. 4-90) Acknowledgement by the Sailor on the Navy Rules and Policy concerning Drugs and Alcohol use, and programs available for treatment if needed.
9DD 2366 Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) Act of 1984 (Rev. 9-93) Enrollment for Education programs from Veteran Affairs after separation
10OPNAV 1780/1 Statement of Understanding - Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Rev. 4-85) Acknowledgement of education programs available after separation
11DD 2384-1 Notification of Basic Eligibility (10-91) Education programs eligible for
12SF 86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions (Rev. 9-95) Security Investigation Background paperwork/surveys for establishing Secret or Confidential clearance levels
13DD 398-2 Personnel Security Questionnaire (National Agency Checklist)(Cancelled 2-96)
14DD 1879 Request for Personal Security Investigation (PSI) (if PSI pending) (Rev. 9-95)
15DD 398 Personnel Security Questionnaire (BI/SBI) (cancelled)
16 NAVPERS 1070/877 Statement of Service (Rev 3-86) For Officers only, list when became Active duty time started, paygrade at entry
17 DD 1966 Record of Military Processing - Armed Forces of the United States (cancelled 9-96) Paperwork completed for initial enlistment including all bootcamp paperwork, list items such as ASVAB scores, eye/hearing screening, police record check, rank, etc..
18 NAVCRUIT 1133/7 USN Alcohol and Drug Abuse Screening Certificate, (cancelled 4-91) Annex "A" to DD 1966 (if present in FSR)
19 NAVCRUIT 1133/53 Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Program Enlistment Guarantees Terms of enlistment, length of contract, schooling guarantee, paygrade, SRB
SEPARATOR Items found below the separator are gleaned periodically
20 NAVPERS 1070/617 Career Performance Data Separator
(Like documents are grouped together as listed below. Each category is maintained in chronological order with the most recent on top)
a.All personal and unit awards, citations, letters of commendation and appreciation.Copies of certificates, command & personal recognition for a job well done
b. NAVPERS 1610/2 Fitness Report and Counseling Record (E7- O6)(Rev. 7-95)(supersedes NAVPERS 1616/24)Job Performance records for Chief Petty Officers and up
c. NAVPERS 1616/26 Evaluation Report and Counseling Record (E-1 - E-6)(Rev. 7-95)(supersedes NAVPERS 1616/24)Job Performance records for Recruits thru Petty Officers 1st Class
d. NAVPERS 1616/24 Enlisted Performance Evaluation Report (Rev. 6-84)(if present in FSR)Job Performance records
e. NAVPERS 1070/615 Record of Discharge from the U.S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)(Rev. 7-95)Amendments to the DD214 if needed
f. DD 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (Rev. 11-88)Pages 1 & 4 are kept in service record until final separation, then they are given to servicemember. Items found include: length of service (net active, sea, foreign, prior etc..); effective date of pay grade; Military education; awards, decorations and medals; accrued leave; release code; Remarks section - list reason DD214 issued, usually "Immediate re-enlistment (with date)".
g. NAVPERS 1070/609 Enlisted Performance Record (certified copy) (current for periods through December 1995)Tally sheet of evaluations, items titles include: period of report (date), reason (advancement, change of duty station), rate, traits (marks given from evaluations), ship or station and initials (of personnelmen entering information)
h. NAVPERS 1070/605 History of Assignments (Rev. 10-89)(copy) Shows all previous duty stations, schooling, PRD adjustments, reenlistment and discharge
i. Individual Accomplishment ReportList off-duty schooling, civilian/community/volunteer awards, etc

What's in the right side of an Enlisted Service Record?