Enlisted Rating Insignia

The enlisted rating badge for Petty Officer Third Class and above consists of two parts. The chevrons indicated the pay grade (rate). Between the chevrons and the eagle is a specialty insignia indicating the Sailor's job specialty (rating). These insignia appear in silver on blue uniforms and Navy blue on white uniforms. For E-3 and below, these insignia appear over the rate stripes. This table shows the rating insignia for engineering and hull specialties. The other groups are Administration/Medical/Dental, Aviation, and Construction.

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Engineering and Hull Specialties

DCs perform the work necessary for damage control, ship stability, fire-fighting and chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) warfare defense. They instruct personnel in damage control and CBR defense and repair damage-control equipment and systems. The operation and repair of a ship's or station's electrical power plant and electrical equipment is the responsibility of EMs. They also maintain and repair power and lighting circuits, distribution switchboards, generators, motors and other electrical equipment. Internal combustion engines, diesel or gasoline, must be kept in good order. This is the responsibility of ENs. They also maintain refrigeration, air-conditioning, distilling-plant engines and compressors. GSs operate, repair and maintain gas turbine engines; main propulsion machinery, including gears; shafting and controllable pitch propellers; assigned auxiliary equipment propulsion control systems; electrical and electronic circuitry up to the printed circuit module; and alarm and warning circuitry. They also perform administrative tasks related to gas turbine propulsion system operation and maintenance, (GSE: Electrical) (GSM: Mechanical)
DC - Damage Controlman EM - Electrician's Mate EN - Engineman GS - Gas Turbine System Technician (Note 1)
HTs are responsible for maintaining ships' hulls, fittings, piping systems and machinery. They install and maintain shipboard and shore based plumbing and piping systems. They also look after a vessel's safety and survival equipment and perform many tasks related to damage control. ICs operate and repair electronic devices used in the ship's interior communications systems, SITE TV systems, public address systems, electronic megaphones and other announcing equipment. They are also responsible for the gyrocompass systems. Continuous operation of the many engines, compressors and gears, refrigeration, air-conditioning, gas-operated equipment and other types of machinery afloat and ashore is the MM's job. They are also responsible for the ship's steam propulsion and auxiliary equipment and the outside (deck) machinery. MMs also may perform duties involving some industrial gases. MRs are skilled machine tool operators. They make replacement parts and repair or overhaul a ship's engine auxiliary equipment, such as evaporators, air compressors and pumps. They repair deck equipment, including winches and hoists, condensers and heat exchange devices. Shipboard MRs frequently operate main propulsion machinery, besides performing machine shop and repair duties.
HT - Hull Maintenance Technician IC - Interior Communications Electrician MM - Machinist's Mate MR - Machinery Repairman
Navy Divers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks like underwater ship maintenance, construction, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), and underwater rescue. They are assigned to Naval Special Warfare Units to provide diving technical expertise and supervisory support to all submersible operations. The PM is an important link between the draftsmen who make the drawings, and the molders in a Navy foundry, who produce the castings. PMs make patterns in wood, plaster or metal using drafting, carpentry and metalworking skills while using shop mathematics. Notes
*Note 1: "Gas Turbine System Technician" is used at paygrade E-9 only.
Leading to GS:
GSE (Gas Turbine System Technician - Electrical)
and GSM (Gas Turbine System Technician - Mechanical).

Note 2: Navy Diver rating established 1 Jun 2006

ND - Navy Diver (Note 2) PM - Patternmaker

Last Update: 28 June 2009